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Mastering The Normal Distribution

Mastering The Normal Distribution


What is the aim of this module?

The aim of this module is to give an unrestricted and open view of the Normal Distribution by advancing your understanding of all aspects of it. The normal distribution has been around for many centuries, its benefits are vast provided you understand it and you know how to apply it in a practical manner in your own occupation. Many people shy away from statistics and the Normal Distribution due to fear and lack of knowledge. This module aims to de-mystify the Normal Distribution, simplifying it right down to the basics and then growing that knowledge back up in a very safe and non-threatening environment so that you will leave this module having a full grasp of what the Normal Distribution is all about.

How is the Normal Distribution of use to me in my organisation?

If you truly understand the Normal Distribution from first principles, if you are completely comfortable with it as a concept, and you can see how it directly applies in your everyday environment, then you stand to reach the full rewards of the benefits of statistical knowledge and analysis. The Normal Distribution will allow you to predict what happens a certain percentage of times and will allow you to see your process in comparison with the voice of your customer.

Examples of Industries and applications of the Normal Distribution


  • Physically construct a representation of content uniformity in capsules or tablets following an analytical method to assay the individual content of the active ingredient in each product. This will allow you to see what percentage of the sample are within specification and what percentage are outside specification and predict how your process will perform in the future.


  • Assess the length of time it takes for patients to register with the hospital, how it varies from patient to patient and how this process performs compared with the quoted registration time to patients in advance of visiting the hospital. It will allow the hospital to predict how it will perform within the registration department in the future, assist with decision making around capacity for this department and give a better quality of patient experience.


  • A visual plot of the length of time it takes to erect a house each and every time against the agreed construction time with the developer. This plot allows you to see what percentage of houses reside within the agreed time and what percentage are outside the time. This visual will allow you to concentrate on those percentages outside and drill down into the reasons why.

Utility Services

  • How the net promoter score (NPS) based on broadband installations in residential houses varies, what percentage of installs were within the NPS expected by the client and what percentage were outside the NPS. You can also predict how your process performs for future contracts against client requirements.

Medical Device

  • Assess the results from Balloon Catheter Burst Testing and see how the product performs compared to the specification for this test.

What does it cover?

Mastering The Normal Distribution covers all the following topics in detail:

  • Normal Distribution Background including Probability Distributions
  • Normal Distribution Equation & Characteristics
  • Standard Normal Distribution
  • Standardising Data
  • Z-Scores
  • Empirical Rules
  • Drag and Drop
  • Empirical Rule Slider
  • The Standard Normal Table
  • Standard Normal Table Forms
  • Looking Up & Using the Table
  • Handling Negative Values
  • Worked through Examples explaining calculations behind probabilities less than, greater than and between 2 values.
  • Interactive Normal Distribution workout based on call centre data, calculation and results

This module also contains an unparalleled Workshop Tool Kit which is essential for any learner which includes:

  • Soft copy of all the data used in the module in excel- actual examples used in the e-learning module so that you can replicate the module
  • Soft copy of the Normal Distribution Table presented in the module
  • All files in PDF format

What’s new about it?

Every module in the Mastering Series has been created by practitioners who excel in imparting knowledge on both the theoretical and practical. Nowhere else will you find a learning module which covers all aspects of a selected topic in such detail that it allows the learner to become the expert.

How cost effective is this Module?

The Mastering Series is the most cost effective resource available in today’s market. Every module has a 6 month licence which in reality is like having a skilled expert at your fingertips for approximately 180 days. Whether you are an individual looking to increase your own personal skillset or part of an organisation which is lacking expertise on a vital topic, finding an expert external resource can be prohibitively expensive. When you purchase a module in the Mastering Series you are instantly provided with that expert external resource which will allow you to become an expert internal resource.

How much time will it take?

Each module purchase comes with a 6 month licence. At BPI Services we understand that everyone has different needs and demands on their time. With approximately 180 days unrestricted access to a module once purchased, we ensure that everyone has ample time to fully absorb all the learnings provided in their own time.

Who else uses the Normal Distribution?

Leading industries who want to compare the voice of their process to the voice of the customer to see how they align use the Normal Distribution. All successful organisations are expected to perform to a target, specification or SLA (Service Level Agreement) and the Normal Distribution is crucial for assessing how your process performs against your client requirements.

Will it make my job easier or harder?

If you fully comprehend the normal distribution and how it applies to your environment, then you are in an enviable position to physically construct a representation of how your process is currently performing and predict how it will perform in the long term. This is a skillset that once mastered will set you apart within your organisation by empowering you to focus on individual functions and correct their non-conformities ahead of time.

Will I have to re-certify?

No. Once you have accessed all aspects of a module you will be awarded a BPI Services certificate for completion of that module. As each module is designed to allow you to master that topic and has a 6 month licence, recertification is not required.

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