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Mastering Process Mapping Facilitation

Mastering Process Mapping Facilitation



What’s the aim of this module?

Process Mapping Facilitation can be very challenging. We have created this new module to ensure you have everything you require to master both the theory and technical aspects of Process Mapping Facilitation and can easily apply the learnings to your workplace.

How is it of use to me and my company?

Process Mapping Facilitation is a much sought after skill that allows an individual to unite with their colleagues, empower their decision making ability and assist them in driving positive change. Bringing a group of individuals together and creating a team whose focus is to eliminate waste by streamlining processes is highly valued commodity across all business sectors.

What does it cover?

Mastering Process Mapping Facilitation covers all the following topics in detail:

  • Understand the purpose of Process Mapping
  • Distinguish between types of Process Maps
  • Understand Process Mapping symbols
  • Construct a Process flowchart
  • Identify value, non-value and necessary non–value adding steps
  • Confidently undertake a Process Mapping workshop with a team
  • Convert your Map to a choice of formats
  • Successfully close out the workshop and create an action plan

This module also contains an unparalleled Workshop Tool Kit which is essential for any facilitator which includes:

  • Stationary Checklist
  • Workshop Plan
  • Workshop Invitation
  • Examples of Process Mapping Templates on
  • Power Point
  • Excel
  • Word
  • Visio
  • As well as a simulated workshop map showing value, non-value and necessary non–value adding steps

What’s new about it?

Every module in the Mastering Series has been created by practitioners who excel in imparting knowledge on both the theoretical and practical. Nowhere else will you find a learning module which covers all aspects of a selected topic in such detail that it allows the learner to become the expert.

How cost effective is this Module?

The Mastering Series is the most cost effective resource available in today’s market. Every module has a 6 month licence which in reality is like having a skilled expert at your fingertips for approximately 180 days. Whether you are an individual looking to increase your own personal skillset or part of an organisation which is lacking expertise on a vital topic, finding an expert external resource can be prohibitively expensive. When you purchase a module in the Mastering Series you are instantly provided with that expert external resource which will allow you to become an expert internal resource.

How much time will it take?

Each module purchase comes with a 6 month licence. At BPI Services we understand that everyone has different needs and demands on their time. With approximately 180 days unrestricted access to a module once purchased, we ensure that everyone has ample time to fully absorb all the learnings provided in their own time.

Who else uses Process Mapping Facilitation?

Process Mapping is utilised around the globe by organisations across all sectors. Being able to facilitate a mapping session places an individual in a very enviable position and one which is much sought after.

Will it make my job easier or harder?

Any addition to your skillset which enables you to assist an organisation to streamline their processes and positively affect their bottom line will assist you in your day to day role. The more positive business focused tools that you have at your disposal the more control you have in being in a able to dictate your own future within an organisation. In this regard Process Mapping Facilitation adds greatly to your on hand tools.

Will I have to re-certify?

No. Once you have accessed all aspects of a module you will be awarded a BPI Services certificate for completion of that module. As each module is designed to allow you to master that topic and has a 6 month licence, recertification is not required.


One licence per user.


Learning modules on the site are the copyright (©) of BPI Services, unless specifically stated on the module.


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