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Mastering Types of Data

Mastering Types of Data


What is the aim of this module?

Understanding different Types of Data and mastering them accurately so that they can be utilised when required can be difficult. Clearly defining the differences between defective and defects, nominal, ordinal, ratio and interval is one of the key aims of this module. This module will give you practical and simple examples of each of these categories ensuring that the learning will stick and the understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each category of measurement will be clear for you.

How is Types of Data of use to me in my organisation?

Understanding different Types of Data will allow you to be in a position to know what type of data to measure in order to get the best benefits. Also by understanding the different Types of Data you will know what descriptive statistics and graphical representation can be retrieved from each of the categories and have a very clear understanding of what is and is not included in each type of data.

What does it cover?

Mastering Types of Data covers all the following topics in detail:

  • Understand what is data and data classifications
  • Distinguish between Discrete & Continuous Data
  • Understand the difference between defects and defectives
  • Recognise different levels of measurement
  • Appreciate the impact of data types
  • Understand Nominal, Ordinal, Interval & Ratio
  • For each data type comprehend what it is, types of analysis available and example to instil learning
  • Scenario example to fully impart the learning on a practical example

This module also contains an unparalleled Workshop Tool Kit which is essential for any learner which includes:

  • Soft copy nominal data types of analysis in excel-actual example used in the e-learning module so that you can replicate the module
  • Soft copy ordinal data types of analysis
  • Soft copy interval data types of analysis
  • Soft copy ratio data types of analysis
  • A print and keep “at a glance” guide to levels of measurement
  • The data behind all scenario’s presented in the module for you to work along with
  • All files in PDF format

What’s new about it?

Every module in the Mastering Series has been created by practitioners who excel in imparting knowledge on both the theoretical and practical. Nowhere else will you find a learning module which covers all aspects of a selected topic in such detail that it allows the learner to become the expert.

How cost effective is this Module?

The Mastering Series is the most cost effective resource available in today’s market. Every module has a 6 month licence which in reality is like having a skilled expert at your fingertips for approximately 180 days. Whether you are an individual looking to increase your own personal skillset or part of an organisation which is lacking expertise on a vital topic, finding an expert external resource can be prohibitively expensive. When you purchase a module in the Mastering Series you are instantly provided with that expert external resource which will allow you to become an expert internal resource.

How much time will it take?

Each module purchase comes with a 6 month licence. At BPI Services we understand that everyone has different needs and demands on their time. With approximately 180 days unrestricted access to a module once purchased, we ensure that everyone has ample time to fully absorb all the learnings provided in their own time.

Who else uses Types of Data?

In today’s increasing data driven world, organisations are not only reliant on but demanding that their employees are equipped to utilise analysis tools and having the fundamentals behind Types of Data is crucial for this. Understanding the different Types of Data is the first stage in attaining knowledge in applying statistical analysis tools, a much sought after skill in business today. Types of Data is the very primary module that you will need to cover first, to begin embarking on the journey of truly mastering statistical data analysis.

Will it make my job easier or harder?

Every organisation relies on data to function. Equipping yourself with the fundamentals such as Types of Data, Descriptive Statistics, Normal Distribution and Graphical Representation will place you in an extremely strong position within any progressive organisation worldwide. Understanding Types of Data and having a fundamental knowledge of each of the different categories will allow you to be assured and focused when data mining. When you have a fundamental knowledge of the different categories of data, you can be efficient with your time by ensuring that you collect the best data rich information to have the optimal type of data and maximise opportunities for analysis.

Will I have to re-certify?

No. Once you have accessed all aspects of a module you will be awarded a BPI Services certificate for completion of that module. As each module is designed to allow you to master that topic and has a 6 month licence, recertification is not required.


One licence per user.


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