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Mastering Descriptive Statistics


What is the aim of this module?

Descriptive statistics will impart all the knowledge required to fully understand both measures of central tendency (Mean, Median and Mode) and measures of dispersion (Variance, Standard Deviation, Minimum, Maximum and Range). This module also takes the user through a practical example in order to ensure the learnings of this highly valuable skill are transferred effectively and in full.

How is Descriptive Statistics of use to me in my organisation?

Truly understanding Descriptive Statistics and all aspects of it, and to be able to apply it in a practical manner on everyday processes all around you is a skill that most organisations seek in a todays data driven world. This module covers descriptive statistics which give us the ability to verbally describe, visually display or summarise data in a way that allows us to make meaningful decisions. If you wish to factually describe something numerically then this module is for you. This module will provide you with a way to articulate all aspects of a process and give you the full picture of what is going on.

Examples of Industries and applications of Descriptive Statistics


· Spread of Length of Stay (LOS) of Patients in a hospital for the same symptom, understanding the best LOS achieved and worst LOS, the mean, median and range. Yielding an understanding of how much variation is present and whether your process is predictable with minimum variation or unpredictable with high variation.


· Tablet Hardness across a batch giving you a clearer understanding of what the standard deviation is, the range, median and mean. Allows you to compare these descriptive statistics with other batches to see how you are performing over time.


·  Conduct Descriptive Statistics on a particular task card which outlines a defined mechanical task that takes place on every aircraft that is maintained in a hanger. This will allow you to see how the time taken for the task card varies over time even though the work should be the same across all identical aircrafts.

What does it cover?

Mastering Descriptive Statistics covers all the following topics in detail:

  • What are descriptive statistics?
  • Populations and Samples
  • What is Central Tendency
  • What is Dispersion
  • The Mean
    • What is it?
    • The equation explained
    • How to calculate
    • Step by Step calculation using an example
  • The Median
    • What is it?
    • The equation explained
    • How to calculate
    • Step by Step calculation using an example
  • The Mode
    • What is it?
    • Bi-modal data
    • Multi-modal data
  • The Range
    • What is it?
    • The equation explained
    • How to calculate
    • Step by Step calculation using an example
  • The Standard Deviation
    • What is it?
    • The equation explained
    • How to calculate
    • Step by Step calculation using an example
    • Degrees of Freedom
  • Call Centre Case Study
    • Call Centre Data
    • Call Centre Calculations
    • Work through advance calculation in a real-life example
      • Mean, Median, Mode, Range & Standard Deviation

This module also contains an unparalleled Workshop Tool Kit which is essential for any learner which includes:

  • Soft copy Standard Deviation example excel worksheet -actual example used in the e-learning module so that you can replicate the module
  • Soft copy of all the Call Centre Data in excel-actual example used in the e-learning module so that you can replicate the module

All files in PDF format

What’s new about it?

Every module in the Mastering Series has been created by practitioners who excel in imparting knowledge on both the theoretical and practical. Nowhere else will you find a learning module which covers all aspects of a selected topic in such detail that it allows the learner to become the expert.

How cost effective is this Module?

The Mastering Series is the most cost effective resource available in today’s market. Every module has a 6 month licence which in reality is like having a skilled expert at your fingertips for approximately 180 days. Whether you are an individual looking to increase your own personal skillset or part of an organisation which is lacking expertise on a vital topic, finding an expert external resource can be prohibitively expensive. When you purchase a module in the Mastering Series you are instantly provided with that expert external resource which will allow you to become an expert internal resource.

How much time will it take?

Each module purchase comes with a 6 month licence. At BPI Services we understand that everyone has different needs and demands on their time. With approximately 180 days unrestricted access to a module once purchased, we ensure that everyone has ample time to fully absorb all the learnings provided in their own time.

Who else uses Descriptive Statistics?

World leaders across all sectors who have reaped the benefits of getting the full picture of what’s going on within their organisations have done so by embracing Descriptive Statistics. These organisations have recognised that understanding and applying Descriptive Statistics will allow you to drive maximum performance improvement with minimal effort and reap the rewards with tangible visible data. Lacking this skillset would result in not knowing your organisations potential, its current performance level and the disparity between where it should be and where it actually is.

Will it make my job easier or harder?

If you can truly master Descriptive Statistics and fully understand what measures of central tendencies and measures of dispersion mean and how you can apply it in your own environments, then you stand the best possible chance of driving maximum improvement which will benefit you not only in your job but the organisation as a whole.

Will I have to re-certify?

No. Once you have accessed all aspects of a module you will be awarded a BPI Services certificate for completion of that module. As each module is designed to allow you to master that topic and has a 6 month licence, recertification is not required.


One licence per user.


Learning modules on the site are the copyright (©) of BPI Services, unless specifically stated on the module.

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